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Who we are

We are an independent consultancy based in the heart of London, specialising in Business Analysis services. 


What we do

Project Definition
Agile Business Analysis
Business Change
Data Analysis

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Why choose us

At SAE Consultancy, we do so much more than provide you with a generic business consultant. We like to ensure that our people are the kind of people you'd like to have on your team - individuals who are great at communicating (and listening!), have a passion for problem solving and are committed to working with you every step of the way.

We find that problem solving is so much more productive when the team are having fun, especially when things don't always go to plan. That's why Transparency, Boldness, Team Spirit and Freedom sit at the heart of our core values. No matter the challenge, here at SAE Consultancy we have a user centric approach to drive us in helping you achieve what you need.


Another reason why you should choose us

We talk to anyone - whether you're a one man band or a large organisation, every enquiry is responded to within 48 hours. Even if you're uncertain about what you may need to reach your goal, we can help advise you.

We'll arrange a time to chat over a cup of coffee. We're a laid back bunch always keen to meet potential clients to better understand their needs. Plus, we really like coffee.

We'll send across a proposal of the work requested, in that way you can be sure we've understood your requirements.

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